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Project Description
FreeGoo - A simple physics based puzzler written in C#, using Farseer for physics and WPF for rendering. The game play is heavily based on the marvelous game World Of Goo.

For information about the physics engine, see My immediate goals are to migrate this project to Silverlight, you'll be able to read about this on my blog.

It's severely limited at the moment, there's for istance no win-condition. But the goal is to build a tower to the rotating thingie. Once you reach it, the "free goos" should start to climb the structure and jump out of the level


About the name

When offered goo Homer Simpson replied "Ooooh, free goo!". Combine that with World of Goo and Free (as in beer) Software and you have it.

Top 10 Favorite Foods of Homer Simpson,
#10, Free Goo

My current work is Seo (searc engine optimization) based, check out; Seo Tips for your website

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